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Most bakers LOVE to create, but don’t know SH*T about building a profitable business… 

Go from the “hobby baker” to thriving CEO your business DESERVES! 
(not "that girl who makes cute cakes") 

Join us on a 10-week business mastermind that will TRANSFORM your entire business and give you a COMMUNITY to call your OWN

Feeling overworked and underpaid?

If you’re nodding your head like crazy right now, you need to read this, sis –


→Have the most AMAZING products but STRUGGLE to find customers to sell them to?

→ Post regularly on social media but feel like you’re speaking to NO ONE?

→ Feel OVERWHELMED AF by the idea of having to close sales, market your business, figure out correct pricing, hiring, leading a staff, creating processes & systems, and branding, all on your own?

→ Struggle to RAISE your rates and deliver quotes and proposals with CONFIDENCE?

→ Do you take on MORE than you can chew bake and STRUGGLE to manage your time between home, kids and your business?

Business is NOT easy. Period.

It takes time, energy and a SH*T-TON of sacrifice, hardwork, and dedication to get a business off the ground (and THRIVING). 

And it takes EVEN MORE time, effort and SH*T-TON OF labor to make that business PROFITABLE.

So I’m gonna be real with you – if you’re NOT in this for the LONG HAUL, close this tab and walk away NOW. No questions asked.


If you’re WILLING to stick around 
If you’re prepared to put in the WORK
If you’re 100% READY to MOVE ON from being “the girl who makes cute Christmas cookies” to becoming the BADASS CEO of a THRIVING baking business…

I’m about to make that journey a HELL OF A LOT easier for you.


Passion to Profit

 The ultimate 10-week baking business masterclass for bakers and creators who’re READY TO ELEVATE & take their business to the NEXT LEVEL

Let me be VERY clear –

Passion to Profit is NOT some BS get-rich-quick crash course on sales or pricing.

It’s a SOLID 10-week masterclass designed to equip YOU with the knowledge, strategies, tools and systems you need to start generating a SUSTAINABLE INCOME from your baking business.

Get COMPLETE access to everything in Passion to Profit (PLUS OUR ENTIRE VAULT) for just $697*

*Don’t wanna pay in full right away? Scroll down for our payment plans.

Grow from passionate baker to  Profitable business owner

There’s no sugarcoating this, sis –

You might be the BEST, most talented baker in ALL of North America. (HELL, even the WORLD!) 

BUT if you can’t close the sale, confidently deliver quotes, and make your presence felt…

Your AMAZING products will never get the recognition they deserve! 

Passion to Profit has helped thousands of bakers grow into BADASS CEOs

Trust me, it doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or have been running a brick and mortar for half a decade.

If you want to:

  • Double – hell TRIPLE – your sales
  • Increase your revenue
  • Hire some extra help
  • Scale to other locations
  • Make your PRESENCE felt

Passion to Profit is EXACTLY what you need.

Our leadership training, branding and marketing guidelines and systems-building cheatsheets are DESIGNED to help you take your business to the NEXT LEVEL…

And start making the sales you DESERVE.

Join for the content, stay for the community

Meet  Janelle and Eddie

AKA your personal tough-love support team, here to PUSH you to reach your FULLEST POTENTIAL

Hey, I’m Janelle! I’m an artist, educator, and entrepreneur, AND the founder of The Cake Mamas, an award-winning bakery that even landed me on TV. 

After 12 years of baking bliss and LOTS of bumps along the way, I hung up my apron to coach and mentor small business owners like you – so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did. 

Passion to Profit is the product of my YEARS of experience in the baking industry – 

It is the ULTIMATE compilation of my business expertise, secret formulas, and insider do’s and don’t’s.

Together with my husband, Eddie, we’ve already helped thousands of bakers build THRIVING businesses and find a community of sugar sisters and brothers who make them feel right at home.

And this year, YOU could be one of them!

In my time in passion to profit I learned how to properly price my services and products and how to market to my desired client base. I gained so much more confidence in myself as a businesswoman that I took the leap of faith and signed my first on my first storefront after allowing fear to stop me for years."

( Fastforward to today, Damala now has THREE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS 


What’s included in your 2 months of no BS, value-packed coaching


Learn all about mindset, goal-setting and getting your sh*t together BEFORE you JUMP in


Learn how to detail your expenses and build a profitable business. AND get your hands on the key formulas for pricing and raising your rates with confidence


Learn about brand positioning, creating a unique value proposition and understanding your ideal client’s mindset 


Learn all about brand identity, brand messaging, and developing your voice and brand presence


Learn about marketing strategy, social media marketing and strategizing with the Social Celebrator


Understand the sales process, learn how to create a positive client experience and close a sale with confidence


Learn all about inventory management, order processing, hiring and team building and systems development


Join us for our final Q&A, graduate to our alumni group and get access to our most popular BONUSES.

Each module in Passion to Profit comes with:

  • LIVE Weekly Coaching videos from Janelle and Eddie (can’t make it live, no worries, you’ll have lifetime access to the replays & course materials)
  • Loads of downloadable templates and worksheets to help you start implementing what you've learned and take action 
  • Quizzes
  • Weekly tasks & assignments to help you stay accountable
  • Expert interviews

AND some jaw-dropping bonuses our past students couldn’t get enough of!

Join the amazing community of badass bosses in the world

Your Passion to Profit package also gives you access to The Passion To Profit and Cake Cents – our 13,600+-member strong Facebook community that’s gonna BLOW YOU AWAY
 with love, guidance and support.

 The people you’ll meet in our community have either been where you are right now OR are where you’re dreaming of reaching one day. 

Which means you’ll ALWAYS find a TON of practical advice, encouragement and support surrounding you from ALL sides. 

  And there’ll always be someone you can turn to and go “OMG, you too, I
thought I was the only one?!”

    Take it from me: What you’ll learn in Passion to Profit will uplevel your
business – but the people you’ll meet in our community will TRANSFORM your LIFE

How to pay for Passion to Profit


Maximum Savings
One-time payment
Get access to 8 NEWLY UPDATED modules that give you all the answers to your questions about starting, running, and building a THRIVING business!
Get access to all 8 weeks of coaching, downloads, and live Q &As
Get access to our private community- Passion To Profit full of bakers,creators,  and small business owners who have gone through the course and are now supporting, and guiding entrepreneurs like you
BONUS: Get exclusive access to all of our past workshops – 2-hour long coaching sessions JAM-PACKED with key business concepts and actionable tips and strategies (Worth: $1,000)
Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course + all it's materials 

Payment Plan

Maximum Flexibility
For 11 months
Get access to 8 NEWLY UPDATED modules that give you all the answers to your questions about starting, running, and building a THRIVING business!
Get access to all 8 weeks of coaching, downloads, and live Q&As
Get access to our private community- Passion To Profit full of bakers,creators,  and small business owners who have gone through the course and are now supporting, and guiding entrepreneurs like you
Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course + all it's materials 

I just want to take a moment to thank Janelle and Eddie Copeland for all the help in making me a better woman, mom, business owner, wife, and person in general. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you have changed my life between all your posts, podcasts, and especially Passion To Profit. In the past year and a half I’ve gone from a business I thought I was going to have to close because it just wasn’t successful, I was broke as a joke, I didn’t even have the money to pay for passion to profit. I was negative and always worrying and doom and glooming my life. I was impatient and not prioritizing my family over work… This year I moved the bakery, just signed a lease to add an expansion, we had record breaking sales last month and my husband and I saved enough money over the past year to put the deposit on our dream home being built! I’m so much more patient and positive, I feel like a totally different person. Without you and Eddie I know there is no way we’d be in the position we are in. I love you guys dearly, thank you for everything you do!"


Best investment you can make. I was also working as a teacher and wanted to quit but I felt I couldn’t. Then covid happened and I was only working part time from home. In the meantime my sales went through the roof even in a pandemic. For me it wasn’t just sales, but other opportunities like teaching baking classes to huge companies (that of course paid great too) in 2019, the year I took PTP, I made about 5k for the year. Last year in covid, I did 30k from home. It's not just the money, but PTP gave me resources, confidence, and even new cake sisters that I can confide in and talk about my journey. It is worth every penny, and like others said, you end up making it back and the class pays for itself."


The A’s to your Q’s

How do I know if Passion to Profit is right for me?

Here’s my zero BS answer, sis.

Passion to Profit is right for you if:

  • You’re a baker, creator or artist who’s super passionate about their work but you kinda suck at the business side of things
  • You’re beginning to think about selling your products and wanna learn how to make a PROFIT and get it right the first time around
  • You’re already running a business BUT you’re looking for the tools, strategies and guidance to take things to the next level (what got you here won’t get you to where you wanna go next, am I right?)

Join Passion to Profit for the leadership training, branding, marketing, coaching and systems-building guidelines that form the FOUNDATION of EVERY successful business.

Will I have to show up live every week?

We have a LIVE coaching call every week that members are STRONGLY encouraged to attend. This is where Eddie and I will go over each module in detail, and you’ll get to interact directly with us and with one another – share your progress and success stories, and clarify any doubts, concerns and questions you may have.

We’d LOVE for you to join us live for all our coaching sessions. But if life gets in the way and you can’t make it sometimes, that’s totally cool too. Passion to Profit members receive recordings of ALL our live sessions – so you can sidestep the FOMO and watch and learn on your own time.

Will I lose access to the content after 10 weeks?

Oh there’s NO WAY you’re gonna get rid of us that easily.

While the live coaching sessions and direct interactions will end after the two months together, ALL the content you receive through Passion to Profit will be yours to keep – so you can keep coming back to them whenever you need a refresher. 

AND you’ll also retain access to our Facebook community. 

(you know what they say – once a cake mama, always a cake mama)

Is this just another pricing course?

Passion to Profit WILL teach you to price your products, break down your costs, and raise your rates with confidence.

But it’s WAYYYY more than just that.

Over the course of 10 weeks, you’ll gain the tools and strategies you need to succeed at productivity, goal setting, branding and visibility, social media marketing, sales and communication and MORE.

The end goal? 

To give you a taste of REAL, BADASS success.

I can’t pay $697 right now. Can I still sign up?

Yes, you TOTALLY can!

Sign up for our payment plan – you pay $89 upfront to book your spot now. And then pay only $89/month for 11 months. 

(You’ll basically make that money back with selling  ONE cake per month)

I wanted to learn how to grow my business and take it to where I am working on it full-time without worrying about not bringing in enough income. My biggest learning was systems and processes! I know what I need to do to bake and take orders, but it wasn’t efficient and I didn’t recognize that until that week. Learning about SOPS was my favorite week because you’re right! If you  don’t have the proper SOPS in place your bakery ultimately cannot run without you. It will be inefficient, not practical, waste of time. But when you have things down from how to speak to customers, the training, the baking, and all things that fall under it, your bakery will run smoothly. After that module, a lightbulb moment went off and I went to town on my systems and process."

Jessica just celebrated her GRAND OPENING and made over $21,000



Y’ALLLL!!! Janelle and Eddie are GODSENT! I just feel like shouting it from the mountain tops! I was in PTP6 and as much work as I did during my season, it was a lot… I mean it was LIFE CHANGING! I couldn’t quite dedicate the time and effort I thought I needed to fully get the most out of each and every module. Now that I’m in the right season, I’m sitting here doing a personal retreat at a hotel in my city and digging in deeper and re-reading all I wrote and re-reading all the absolutely INCREDIBLE content they put out. I mean, WHO DOES THIS??? Who gives so much of themselves? This stuff is… I don’t even have the words, honestly. I know in my heart Janelle truly has a passion for helping and serving and I’m so grateful she heard that call on her life. I know she has helped so many people and I would truly be lost right now without having been in this course. Thank you so much Janelle and Eddie for how much you have poured into us and continue to do so. 


Turn your expensive a** hobby into a Thriving, Sustainable  business